My Horrible Experience with Dr. John Gonzalez &
Orthopedic Medical Group of Riverside

Avoid Orthopedic Medical Group of Riverside & Dr. John Gonzalez

Disgusting, inhumane, unforgivable are the three words that best describe my experience with, Dr. John Gonzalez, his nurse, Kathy, and the administration and staff of Orthopedic Medical Group of Riverside.

This site is designed to let the public know the shockingly poor treatment provided by Dr. John Gonzalez, his apathetic staff and to shed light on the corporate organization and associated doctors that perpetuate the abuse of patients.

Before considering treatment from Dr. John Gonzalez (whom I would personally avoid), or another doctor at Orthopedic Medical Group of Riverside , take a minute and read through the experience of myself and others.


About Me

My name is Paul Lowry and lived in Chino Hills when this occurred and now reside in Corona, CA.

I am a responsible member of the community, served on PTA’s, support Rotary, and have 20 plus years in website creation and marketing.

Following my diagnoses of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome by my primary doctor, I was referred to Dr. John Gonzalez.  My experiences with Dr. Gonzalez, his staff and organization were a complete nightmare.


Why I Created This Site

The whole reason this site exists is so others do not have to tolerate what I and other previous patients have endured from the doctors at Orthopedic Medical Group –  Specifically Dr. Robert JaspanDr. Sunny Uppal, Dr. Michael Mai, Dr. Peter SofiaDr. Jack AkmakjianDr. Donald KimDr. Lawrence Walker, Dr. Neil HallbridgeDr. William NavigatoDr. Abraham Argun, Dr. Bryant LeungDr. Richard Biama, and Dr. Stephen Suzuki.

Dr. John Gonzalez was my orthopedic surgeon. Read about My Experiences, Other Patients Experiences or Share Your Story.

Please reach out to me through the contact page should you have concerns or an experience you would like to share.

Feedback From My Site

Here I post some of the responses I receive from visitors to this site.  It warms my heart when I get feedback like this. 

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Based on my first hand experience with Dr. John Gonzelez and Orthopedic Medical Group of Riverside, I would absolutely avoid all doctors that are associated with the practice including Neil J. Halbridge, M.D., Stephen P. Suzuki, M.D., Donald D. Kim, M.D., Gurvinder Uppal, M.D., Richard Biama, M.D., Abraham Argun, Psyd, and Bryant Leung, M.D.