Listen to a message that was left for me regarding Dr. John Gonzalez of Orthopedic Medical Group of Riverside, Inc.

This is a message that was left for me (when I used to leave my phone number posted on the website).

Unfortunately, his information and story were part of the database that became corrupted, however I still have the message he left.

I attempted to contact him recently to see if they would like to again share their story and the phone number was disconnected (which is why I left the number on the audio).

Please listen to it in his own voice. so you can hear how passionate he is about his wife’s experience.

Listen to a message that was left for me about Dr. John Gonzalez

Below is a transcript of the message Jerry Hazelton left me regarding Dr. John Gonzalez practicing at Orthopedic Medical Group in Riverside.

Hi Paul Lowry, this is Jerry Hazelton I am not surprised I came across your website on google regarding the horrid doctor Gonzalez. what a complete stupid buffoon he is

My wife just left his office about 2   hours ago in tears the guy is a pathetic son of a bitch he was very condescending towards my wife and let me tell you something man I had to restrain myself from going to hiss office and ringing his god damn neck.

I love your website and I want to be able to post our story on it matter of fact my wife is writing up a complaint against that stupid idiot and we are going to file a complaint against him for condensing towards my wife

God bless you regarding this website

That doctor Gonzalez is a piece of shit

Anyhow our number is 951 244 5192

Ok have a nice day