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Two Doctors (Dr. Sunny Uppal and Dr. Jack Akmakjian) From Orthopedic Medical Group named in lawsuit for knowingly using counterfeit parts in surgeries.

In an article by Elizabeth Aguilera and Karen Foshay, details are provided about the lawsuit filed against Dr. Sunny Uppal, Jack Akmakjian, et al, claiming performed surgeries using parts allegedly made at an auto shop in Temecula and benefited financially...

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  1. D. Cash

    I have a couple of questions…

    #1. How do we know if we are1 of the lucky one’s who got the bubblegum machine hardware installed in our spines?

    #2. How do I get in contact with an attorney that is involved with or has knowledge of this gross patient negligence?

    • admin

      Sorry for the delayed response.

      I am unsure if there is a lawsuit pending against Dr. Jack Akmakjian or Orthopedic Medical Group or if it has already settled. I would suggest contacting your attorney, as they would be much more able to advise you.

      The primary purpose of this site is to make the public aware of how this orthopedic practice treats people by sharing the experiences of myself and others like yourself.

  2. Jean Noll

    Is he in jail for this now?I’m a former patient of his,I’d like to know if I have bootleg appliances in my back ! Please get back to me with some news..My granddaughter got me writing on here asking questions, she found this article about him and the others..

    • Jean noll

      Any news will help..thank you.
      Thank you, Jean Noll

  3. Lupe by Davis

    Dr. Akmajian did surgery on my lower back. How do I know if he used these bad screws on me?

    • admin

      The only thing I could suggest is to request the records of your surgery (if they still have them) and/or hire an attorney to assist you. My understanding is that Jack Akmakjian has “retired”.

      At one time he worked at Orthopedic Medical Group of Riverside. My personal opinion is that birds of a feather flock together and that all doctors at this group should be avoided.

      My personal experience with John Gonzalez led me to believe there was insurance and billing fraud (he stated in my personal chart that he bandaged my wrist during a visit when no such bandages were ever used or applied) and I have long since wondered that was recorded in my chart so he could bill the insurance.

      Best of luck in your search, and if you would like to post what you find here that would be great.

    • admin

      I am sorry to hear you had any experience with this doctor and/or this group.

      The whole purpose of this site is to share with the public my experiences and opinions about this group. I wish I could direct you to an attorney, medical board, or other institution for help, but I don’t know either.

      If you do find anyone that can help (your not the only person who has reached out and often I will get questions by email not posted on the forums), please let me know so I can share that with other victims.


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