This entire site is based on my personal opinions that were formed by my involvement with Dr. Gonzalez, the staff and corporate officers at Orthopedic Medical Group’s Riverside office, and those staff at the surgery center.

Whereas I have tried to state facts as facts (i.e. the wait time for my appointments averaged nearly 2 hours), and opinions as opinions (I think Dr. John Gonzalez of Orthopedic Medical Group of Riverside is a pompous glutton). There may be a situation where an opinion is stated, written, interpreted, or assumed as a fact. All opinions are mine and derived from my first-hand experiences.

The criterion applied to the whole site is that a fact is something measurable that can be proven (i.e. wait times, length of scar, etc.). Those things for which I do not have documented measurable proof are expressed in this site as opinions and should be treated as such.