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Hi Paul!

I am absolutely appalled and utterly disgusted with the treatment I received at OMG Riverside (Orthopedic Medical Group of Riverside) . The last 4.5 months have been an absolute nightmare.

In July I broke my leg, and because I had to be treated immediately, I had no time to switch my network out of Riverside (I now live in San Diego). I was forced into their care due to the urgency of my injury. The doctors and staff at OMG Riverside [ Orthopedic Medical Group of Riverside ]have made this experience the longest, most stressful time- physically and emotionally.  I truly believe, had I not been in their care, I would be in a much better place now in terms of my recovery.

Where do I even begin…

I had to repeat my situation to every single person I came into contact with- even being asked multiple times what I was there to be treated for… despite already being an established patient.

I waited to be seen, a minimum, of 2 hours for every appointment.  Once I was taken to a room, I could wait up to 1 hour for the doctor to even enter the room. All the while, I was in the dark and would be scolded if I asked how much longer. Keep in mind, I was driving the 2 hours from San Diego to the provider on top of this extra wait time.

On top of that, the women at the front desk have the most horrendous attitudes- over the phone and in person. My suggestion- if you can’t handle the heat, get out of the kitchen. People like that should not be around patients who are undergoing a stressful time as it is. The lack of compassion and empathy is unbelievable.

If I called the office to get information about anything at all- or to ask for an update on a pending authorization, etc. , I never got what I needed. Every time, without fail, I was sent to the voicemail of my doctor’s assistant and I would never receive a call back. The message machine says to give 48 hrs. for a return call. I gave them 72 hrs. sometimes even more, and when I would call back to follow up- I would be scolded by the girls- asking me to stop nagging them and that they had many other patients to take care of as well… and that they would get to me when they got to me.

I was treated by Dr. Uppal [Dr. Sunny Gurvinder Uppal ],  He performed a surgery on my leg, and it did not go as planned. He kept pointing fingers at me for reasons as to why the surgery didn’t go as planned- he said my bones were not of good quality without ever doing any kind of test to verify that. (Now with my new doctor I find, after testing, my bones are just fine, and it was in fact his failure to perform).

When I would ask questions, he would laugh and almost never gave me the answers I was looking for. He was terrible at communicating and did not respect the doctor patient relationship. He was constantly saying “If you were my daughter… I’d do this and that” and treating me as such, and it was not appreciated. He did not respect my questions at any point.

Now, when Dr. Uppal [ Sunny Gurvinder Uppal, M.D. ] suggested I needed a second surgery- he had his partner in his office give me a “second opinion” (which makes no sense because apparently Uppal is the director over the office, no bias there….).

The second doctor that saw me was Dr. Baima [ Richard Biama, MD –  Joint & Trauma Surgeon ] He had not even discussed with Dr. Uppal my situation. Nor had he seen my x rays until he was right in front of me that same day, and within seconds, declared I needed surgery.

When my father and I asked him to give us a better understanding as to why, he said, “I think my 4 years of medical school and 2 years of residency qualify me to know what I’m talking about.” I kid you not, word for word. At this point, I chose to switch providers.

I am now trying to have them provide my new doctor with my medical records so I can proceed with treatment. HOWEVER, their incompetence continues to delay my care. I called about a month ago to request my records. A gentleman in the office told me they were going to be mailing my records and I should receive them the following week. I confirmed and got off the phone, glad I wouldn’t be dealing with them again.

After not receiving them in the time promised, and waiting an extra reasonable amount of days, I called back and was told that I was not telling the truth because it didn’t show in their records that anyone had requested anything; it isn’t my fault that they didn’t document things. I have my phone records to prove the calls made. Understand, I cannot make the appointment with my new Orthopedic Specialist until I receive those records, so until then I remain in the dark regarding my remaining recovery time.

I have been in a cast for the last 4.5 months, not the usual timeline for my kind of injury, with no end in sight at this point. It has been incredibly stressful, physically and emotionally, and all I want to do is move on at this point.

I just got off the phone with them and I am at my breaking point. NOBODY deserves to be treated like that.

It’s unfortunate that they get away with all of this. I want to fight them and make sure that nobody else is treated this way. These providers are dealing with people in sensitive and volatile situations- dealing with people’s HEALTH AND LIVES. They should be kept accountable.

THANK YOU THANK YOU for creating this site. I hope one day that place is shut down.

This is a review left on Google Reviews about another inhumane experience at Orthopedic Medical Group of Riverside, and specifically Dr. Uppal, the same doctor allegedly involved in using automotive parts for surgeries.

It is disheartening to hear these stories, and to know 10 years after my horrific experience with this medical group, they are still at it.

My deepest wish (well after winning the 1B Lotto, and finding my Ms. Right) is that people would do more research on the medical professionals they are going to trust to work in their best interest.

What most people don’t realize is that you have the right to choose who you work with.  You can refuse care from a physician and even in an HMO setting, they will provide different doctors.

The original review can be found here.  Except for formatting and minor edits for clarification and ease of reading (which appear in [ ]) this is exactly as written.

I was referred by My Attorney and [Orthopedic Medical Group of Riverside] are not the best!

Avoid them!!!!

[Wait times are] over an hour to get seen with an appointment… Today I filled out My paperwork 10 mins after I was due to be seen and didn’t get seen till an hour after I had My Appointment! And didn’t get out till 11:45am appointment was @ 9:30am.

[Dr. Uppal] lied to me saying my rehabilitation would more than likely be [around] 1 1/2 [years], yet released me at barely 13 months. So, I’m still in pain and he’s released me so I’m no longer entitled to any benefits!

They seem to side on Workers Comp instead of a Patient that is a referral from an attorney.

The Office Manager is never available to talk!

Oh and if you do decide to be seen here, don’t even schedule an early appointment with Dr. Uppal he’s always in late because of his Hospital duties in the early AM at least that’s what I was told!

Once you agree for them to operate your stuck with them and you’ll go from being a Patient to being Paperwork!

I feel like they gave me the bare minimum they could just to move on with the Next 💰 Paying Patient!

I’m NO Longer getting my Workers Comp benefits thanks to both these Dr’s but they’re getting paid every time I’m in!!!!!

Do your research People, it’s your health what matters not their per$onal Benefit$$!!!!

I’m losing out on my monthly income and medications!!!!

They know who I am… This is NO way to treat any patient especially not a Vet!!!!!!!

The one star is for the lady at the front desk she’s always overloaded with work! & does seem to care but can only do so much!!!!!

As I read this review, it took me back 15 years when I had to deal with Dr. John Gonzalez at his Orthopedic Practice in Riverside.  I literally cringed as I felt for the writer of this review.

There are so many people that over the years have shared their experiences, and they all have a common theme, it astonishes me that anyone still goes to him.

YOU HAVE THE RIGHTS TO BE ASSIGNED TO ANOTHER DOCTOR…. don’t risk your health and your sanity.  Just ask to be transferred.

Here is the review (author unknown) from  For ease of reading I have reformated the post and where the text has been changed or altered (for ease of reading and so search engines can index properly), I have added [ ] marks around changes or editions for clarification.

John Gonzales is a great doctor, are words that will never leave my lips.
Long story short….work place injury .need a sooner emergency appointment due to major pain. Female on phone, “you can’t wait 2 more days for your appointment?”
Get to appointment, wait forever, as usual, in exam room with requested paperwork for “him”. He comes in [and Dr. Gonzalez], barely looks at me.
I ask question and get a hand in my face to shut up.
He leaves while saying someone will be in to schedule therapy. He never comes back. Female walks in with paperwork while I’m holding back angry tears. Doctor never looked at paperwork and I still had questions and my pain was not addressed (remember emergency appointment due to pain?).
I end up at his office, door was open, he wanted nothing to do with me. [Dr. Gonzalez] angrily came to the door and pushed me with his body. I called him an a-hole, he says, thanks for the comment. I tell him I want another doctor and then I leave.
No yelling, at all. Go to car [and] forgot paperwork and now I’m mad. Go back in, ask for doc, he never shows up. I ask again and state that if I don’t see him I’m calling police. Remember the push with his body? Manager comes out claiming I’m causing a scene,
I’m still bot yelling or even being loud. She orders me upstairs. I see [a] lady that was just laughing and talking to “his” staff and she’s supposed to make thing right or whatever. I decide that’s not gonna work for me and leave. I go downstairs to a small enclosed waiting area and write up what just happened.
Call cops. Get one with a bad attitude.
Next think I know, I’m getting written up at work for causing a scene and calling the doctor a f-Ing a-hole (which all of his “witnesses” claim is the truth and it’s not. I chose my words very carefully ) and all of a sudden all his staff happened to witness what happened.
So much more to this story that I’m not able to share.
It’s great to see that some people don’t have issues with this man. Most people I talk to are not happy with him.
I even had a coworker ask me about him, because she had a similar experience. I don’t care if he’s some kind of miracle man, it’s not worth it for treatment that you’ll receive from his staff and from him.
There’s so many more doctors out there that actually care and will take the time to talk with you and that actually care about you. Don’t waste your time with this man. He’s not worth the hype.
And the paperwork that I went back to get, conveniently disappeared within the few minutes I’d walked a short distance to my car and back to the office. Somehow, though, the X-ray that I brought in with the paperwork ended up in the computer.
I called multiple times for the paperwork, but it was never located.
I’m not a fan of liars and this person and his staff are nothing but liars and cheaters.
I wouldn’t be surprised if he paid them off to stick up for him. He can’t be a pleasant person to work for with the way that he treats patients.
See at your own risk!
  • April 5, 2021

Below is a screenshot of the original review.


Regularly I stalk the ratings and review sites to locate other patients Dr. Gonzalez and his crew have mis-treated and the news sites to see the latest scandal that Orthopedic Medical Group of Riverside (and its various doctors) may be involved in.

On this last scour for news about OMGNET (Orthopedic Medical Group of Riverside), it appears that OMGNET has started to employ fake reviews (wow.. now they are almost up to 2 stars; LMAO)  I am truly surprised it has taken this long for them to do that.

I could also be mistaken.  Maybe it was the daughter of a good friend so she received preferential treatment, and then couldn’t believe all the true things people said about this orthopedic practice because her experience wasn’t the same as genpop (general population).

But I lean toward the reviews being completely fake based on a couple of things.

Look at the reivews of  Delaynee W. ( one of the people to leave an outstanding review of these doctors.

She claims that she was a patient of Dr. Gonzalez’s at Orthopedic Medical Group of Riverside and left a 5 Star Review for him.

Here it is:

She states that Dr. Gonzalez did surgery on her feet (plural) not foot. Three months later, she leaves another review for a spray tan business. This is her before and after photo (from

Do you see any signs of surgery on those “feet”?

There is some discoloration on the left foot, but if you zoom in on the photo it looks more like a blister healing not scarring, especially if Gonzo the Clown, I mean Dr. Gonzalez does the surgery (Dr. Gonzalez left what I believe is an unnecessarily huge scar on my hand at least 6 times bigger than the doctor that performed the same surgery on my other hand. For this and other reasons I do not believe he is a skilled surgeon).

Delanynee then goes on to leave the identical review for the other doctors at the practice

The Review for Gurvinder (Sunny) Uppal M.D.
(Please note Dr. Sunny Uppal (who I believe now wants to be known by Gurvinder Uppal, because Sunny Uppal was the name he went by and was in the news story when he was charged for accused of using NON-FDA approved devices in his surgeries).

Review of Dr. Gurvinder (Sunny) Uppal

And then she left the exact same review for the practice itself.

When you see tons of 1 star reviews and a single (but maybe more on the way) 5 star review, and you see an entire website dedicated to exposing the horrible experiences of those who were patients here, believe the pattern not the anomaly.

Based on my first hand experience with Dr. John Gonzelez and Orthopedic Medical Group of Riverside, I would absolutely avoid all doctors that are associated with the practice including Neil J. Halbridge, M.D., Stephen P. Suzuki, M.D., Donald D. Kim, M.D., Gurvinder Uppal, M.D., Richard Biama, M.D., Abraham Argun, Psyd, and Bryant Leung, M.D.


Below is the review of Orthopedic Medical Group that was left on Google Maps by Gloria Gullien.

Sloppy clerical work has long plagued these orthopedic doctors, and my opinion is that it puts patients at risk.  Dr. Gonzalez of Riverside failed to inform the surgery center that I had sleep apnea.

With so many great orthopedic surgeons in the Riverside and the Inland Empire area, why settle for this?

Gloria Gullien Review of Dr. John Gonzalez Orthopedic Doctor


They [Orthopedic Medical Group of Riverside] have you on hold for 15 minutes then come on phone to tell you hold again.

Oh no this place supposed to be doing my surgery?

Got a authorization for wrong body part as well….

Oh Gee What kind place is this !!!!!!

See original review for Orthopedic Medical Group Riverside



Have you had an experience with OMGNET that you would like to share with others?  If so please comment here or reach out to me and I will give you all of the room you need to share your story.


Here is an email I received from Judy C. regarding her billing problems with Orthopedic Medical Group (Apple Valley & Riverside Locations). She started trying to correct the problem in May 2005 and by February 2006 (when she reached out to me) it had still not been resolved.

Italics have been added for clarification.


I came upon your website while searching for some information re: OMG Orthopedic Medical Group of Riverside. I am impressed with the information you have provided and the time you took to do so.

Although my problem is not with a particular doctor of the group, I am hoping you might provide me with some assistance. My daughter was treated by a doctor of the group (Apple Valley location), beginning in April 2004. The doctor was excellent.

However, he left the group sometime after Aug. 2004 and went to another group. (I have my own suspicions as to why he left!).

I have been phoning, writing letters, faxing info to OMG (Orthopedic Medical Group)of Riverside since May 2005 regarding my account. They continually send me a bill when in fact, they owe me money. I have provided them with documentation and in our last few conversations we agree on the fact they owe me money and the amount.

Telephone messages left with the office manager go unanswered. I have filed a complaint with my health plan, although they have paid all bills and I am not sure they can be of any assistance.

Although the dollar amount I am owed is not a large amount that is not the point. No one should have to wait for the money owed them when all documentation has been provided. To some individuals the amount I am owed would help with groceries or Christmas presents for their children.

No one should have to deal with the frustrations this medical group causes.

I am wondering if you have any suggestions/contacts I can make to expedite the return of my money. My last call to the group was Nov. 30 2005 when I left a message for the manager, “Judy”, directly on her voice mail. To date, she has not returned my call. Any information you may provide will be appreciated.

I am hoping you are feeling well and that your dealings with this group have been resolved.


Judy C.