Dr. John Gonzalez’s Arrogance Was Overwhelming. I Will Certainly Find Another Doctor Who Cares

by | Oct 25, 2018 | Dr. John Gonzalez | 1 comment

David Alter had an 8 am appointment to see John Gonzalez MD at Orthopedic Medical Group (their website is OMGNET.COM).

David Shows up at 8 am to find the doctor not even there and 5 patients ahead of him.

At 8:40, Dr. Gonzalez rushed in, told me to find a second opinion, and left! I waited 45 minutes for that?

His arrogance was overwhelming. I will certainly find another doctor who cares whether Ii heal or not!

The above review is a synopsis of a review left by David Alter.  You can find the original text at David Alter’s Review.

Author’s Commentary:

John Gonzalez MD came in and saw the patient. So Orthopedic Medical Group of Riverside will get to bill the insurance company for an office visit. Because Dr. John Gonzalez is considered an “orthopedic specialist” he receives more than a regular doctor for an office visit, probably around $140 a visit (my estimation).

So, let’s say the whole visit (and after dictation) took a whole 5 minutes… this puts Dr. Gonzalez’s hourly billable rate at $1960 per hour.

Nearly $2,000 bucks an hour to just be a prick.

Now you understand why Dr. Gonzalez requires frivolous appointments and runs his business like a cattle call, forcing patients to wait hours to be seen for just a few minutes.

Is this the kind of individual you want to support?  Do you want to support an organization (OMGNET) that knowingly allows the to continue?

Vote with your pocketbooks and find another orthopedic surgeon!


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  1. Susan Reynolds

    I had appointment yesterday with Dr Gonzales. He not only rude and uncaring, he does very sloppy work. I had a splint put on my arm at Community hospital 1/10/19. He unwrapped it and then rewrapped with some kind of ace bandage and tape. It is loose and sloppy and hurts. I could tolerate his bad personality if he was at least a good doctor. But he does lousy work


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