Another Inhumane Experience at Orthopedic Medical Group of Riverside!

This is a review left on Google Reviews about another inhumane experience at Orthopedic Medical Group of Riverside, and specifically Dr. Uppal, the same doctor allegedly involved in using automotive parts for surgeries.

It is disheartening to hear these stories, and to know 10 years after my horrific experience with this medical group, they are still at it.

My deepest wish (well after winning the 1B Lotto, and finding my Ms. Right) is that people would do more research on the medical professionals they are going to trust to work in their best interest.

What most people don’t realize is that you have the right to choose who you work with.  You can refuse care from a physician and even in an HMO setting, they will provide different doctors.

The original review can be found here.  Except for formatting and minor edits for clarification and ease of reading (which appear in [ ]) this is exactly as written.

I was referred by My Attorney and [Orthopedic Medical Group of Riverside] are not the best!

Avoid them!!!!

[Wait times are] over an hour to get seen with an appointment… Today I filled out My paperwork 10 mins after I was due to be seen and didn’t get seen till an hour after I had My Appointment! And didn’t get out till 11:45am appointment was @ 9:30am.

[Dr. Uppal] lied to me saying my rehabilitation would more than likely be [around] 1 1/2 [years], yet released me at barely 13 months. So, I’m still in pain and he’s released me so I’m no longer entitled to any benefits!

They seem to side on Workers Comp instead of a Patient that is a referral from an attorney.

The Office Manager is never available to talk!

Oh and if you do decide to be seen here, don’t even schedule an early appointment with Dr. Uppal he’s always in late because of his Hospital duties in the early AM at least that’s what I was told!

Once you agree for them to operate your stuck with them and you’ll go from being a Patient to being Paperwork!

I feel like they gave me the bare minimum they could just to move on with the Next 💰 Paying Patient!

I’m NO Longer getting my Workers Comp benefits thanks to both these Dr’s but they’re getting paid every time I’m in!!!!!

Do your research People, it’s your health what matters not their per$onal Benefit$$!!!!

I’m losing out on my monthly income and medications!!!!

They know who I am… This is NO way to treat any patient especially not a Vet!!!!!!!

The one star is for the lady at the front desk she’s always overloaded with work! & does seem to care but can only do so much!!!!!


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  1. john velez

    is sunny uppal still praticing if so when and where did you last see him?


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