Patient claims they commonly waited 2 1/2 hours (and as long as 5 hours) for Dr. Bryant Leung.

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See the full review of Dr. Bryant Leung at


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  1. Concerned Patient

    I was unable to read the small graphic so I followed the link.

    Thought the information was relevant, so thought I would post the content from the link. Here is the review of Dr. Bryant Leung from Orthopedic Medical Group of Riverside on (see link on original page).

    “Be prepared to WAIT. Now I’m not talking about 45 min or so. No…My appointment was yesterday as a matter of fact scheduled at 11am, I didn’t get seen until 1:30pm. That’s the facts and that was not a long wait for me. I’ve spent hours in his office, once up to 5 hours. I would have never done it other than the fact he is pain management and he prescribed my medication. Other than that..I’d NEVER see him again. He’s nice, I’ll give him that. But does not compensate for his lack of time management. He spends too much time dragging his feet and chit chatting with staff and patients. You can hear EVERYTHING through those paper thin walls. Not to mention Maddy, his assistant so ddoesn’t know her job. They will NEVER answer the phone nor will they return a single call. Worst and I mean worst operation over there I have EVER had the misfortune of being involved with.


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