The following was the proverbial straw that was ultimately the motivation to build this site.

The last time I saw Dr. Gonzalez, he told me when I was ready for the surgery on my left hand to call the office and schedule a pre-op appointment. All the tests were done and the surgery was already approved by the insurance. We simply needed to schedule a pre-op appointment, go over a few things and set a date for surgery.
When I called to do that, I was told that only Dr. Gonzalez could schedule a pre-op appointment and I needed to come in to see Dr. Gonzalez, so he could schedule a pre-op appointment. In other words, I needed to schedule an appointment so we could schedule another appointment (again, I think it is so Dr. Gonzalez could bill the insurance company for another appointment and why his waiting room is like a cattle call).
On the day of the needless appointment my wife and I had another meeting beforehand.
The earlier appointment was going to be done no later than 1:30 and possibly sooner. The appointment with Dr. Gonzalez in Riverside was at 2:15 and it was a 25 minute drive between the two.
She got out on time. For the next 75 minutes we sat on the 91 freeway in over 90 degree heat, on our motorcycle (a comfortable GL1800 Goldwing, thanks for asking) wearing leather coats, and sucking everyone else’s exhaust fumes.
At 2:45 we arrived at Orthopedic Medical Group in Riverside. I figured that we would only have to wait an hour or so as every appointment here had been a minimum of an hour and a half wait.
Imagine how mortified I was when the receptionist said that my appointment needed to be rescheduled because I was a 30 minutes late.
Explaining the 91 had been completely shut down to one lane, my appointment should only take a few minutes at most (how long does it take to schedule an appointment and note it in a chart?), and I had no additional vacation time available to make a future appointment, I urged the front office to get me in that day. They stated they asked the doctor and were instructed to reschedule my appointment.
According to the front office, they checked with the doctor, and he instructed them to re-schedule with the justification that he was over booked with patients and had no time…
I re-emphasized my initial points and strongly told the secretary to remind the doctor my wait time had been no less than an hour and a half for each of my previous appointments, and there was no reason he couldn’t see me today. It wasn’t like he was on time and could have seen me if I had been there at my appointed time.
The staff stated they spoke with the doctor again, and Dr. Gonzalez refused to see me.
Asking to speak to the office manager, thinking she may be able to fix the situation, the particulars were relayed again. Her stance was the doctor had already been asked twice, and they would not bother him again.
I asked her if they reminded the doctor I had waited a minimum of an hour and a half for each of my past 4 or 5 appointments when they spoke to him and was told they had not said anything to him about that nor would they.
I was hungry, hot, and being treated unreasonably. I snapped and I got ugly and loud.
At this point everyone in the waiting learned from me what was going on, and how I thought it was Bullshit that the doctor would make me wait an hour a half the last 4 or 5 times I had seen him and now refused to see me because I was a half hour late due to circumstances out of my control.
They asked me to please leave the building and I told them I wouldn’t until this was resolved. They stated they were going to call the police, and I told them to go right ahead. I would love to speak to them about this whole situation.
As I waited, reason returned, thought it best to just leave peacefully before the police arrived. As I did, so a person who identified himself as the Chief Operating Officer of the Orthopedic Medical Group came out into the parking lot as I was attempting to leave.
He apologized for what had transpired, and during the conversation said indirectly he could understand my strong feelings, it was unprofessional for the doctor not to see me, but the doctor is the one who instructs the office how heavy to overbook his schedule.
I asked the C.O.O. to relay the following message to Dr. John Gonzalez.
“My time is as valuable as Dr. Gonzalez’s, and I am every bit as intelligent as he is, but my skills lie in a different field, the internet. Tell him I will let the world know exactly what I think of him and how poorly he treats his patients.”
And that was the motivation to create this site, and why I continue to maintain it.
If this wasn’t true, Orthopedic Medical Group would do everything they could to obliterate this site. But they can’t. Truth is an absolute defense against slander & libel, and I was a party involved, this is not third person or hearsay.

In hindsight, this was one of the best events of my life.
I created the first version of the site that detailed my story, and I was so proud of it… then I looked on Google, Dogpile, and Netscape for Dr. Gonzalez, and I couldn’t find the website that I just made.
That started me down the road to learning and understanding how search engines worked.
I completely remade the site (back when everything was done in HTML), and shortly after that remember that I found site on the 17th page back.
Adjustments were made to the site, and I slowly moved from the 17th page, to now the top ranked site on Google for the words of importance to me. At one time, it was the topped ranked site for the name of every doctor that worked there as well, but that takes too much time and effort today to maintain.
If it wasn’t for Dr. Gonzalez, and that situation that day, I doubt I would be nearly ask skilled at website design and marketing as I am today.