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After Orthopaedic Medical Group Failed To Attempt To Correct The Situation, I Promised The World Would Know How I Was Treated


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The straw that broke the camels back

bullet Why I Created this Site
A little history as to why I am so critical of Dr. Gonzalez and Orthopedic Medical Group of Riverside.
bullet The wait times on the three appointments with Dr. John Gonzalez averaged one hour and forty-five minutes.
During the first examination, both of my wrists were completely measured, tested, evaluated, and determined to have severe carpal tunnel syndrome. It was recommended and agreed to that surgery be performed on both wrists, one surgery ASAP, and the next four to five months later.

As requested, I called to schedule the second surgery. The office confirmed my records showing I was to have surgery on both wrists, but advised I would have to come in and meet with the doctor again then schedule an appointment for surgery.

The answer given as to why I would have to schedule an appointment to schedule an appointment was “that’s just the way we do it.”

I believe the answer should have been “so we can bilk you and your insurance for an office visit and we can’t charge anything if we do it over the phone.”

I am the sole breadwinner for our home. Standard paperwork for disability was submitted to the doctor, and at times took as long as 5 weeks for a simple form to be completed, signed and mailed off.
These excessive delays seriously disrupted our ability to pay our bills.

Understanding these happenings gives a little insight as to the final straw on June 24th, 2005.

My wife and I had an earlier appointment nearby. We allowed 45 minutes for a 25 minute drive (according to; my orthopedic appointment was at 2:15.

At 2:45 we arrived at Orthopedic Medical Group in Riverside. The previous 75 minutes were spent in 91 degree sun and traffic on a motorcycle.

Upon check-in, the front office informed me that my appointment needed to be rescheduled because I was a half hour late.

Explaining that I had no control over traffic; that my appointment should only take 3-5 minutes (how long does it take to schedule an appointment and write up a bill?); and that I had no additional vacation time available to make a future appointment, I urged the front office to ask the doctor if he would be able to see me.

According to the front office, they checked with the doctor, and he instructed them to re-schedule with the justification that he was over booked with patients and had no time.

I re-emphasized my initial points, I inquired as to the difference it made to the doctor’s schedule and workload whether he saw me now or at 2:15 (on the outside chance he actually was able to see me at my scheduled time). I then rather strongly told the secretary to remind the doctor my wait time had been no less than an hour and a half for each of my previous appointments, and the same courtesy from him was expected today.

A second time the doctor refused to see me.

Everything that was communicated at the front desk was restated to the office manager. Her stance was the doctor had already been asked twice, and they would not bother him again.

She was pressed as to if the doctor was told how he had kept me waiting in the past, and that I would appreciate the same courtesy, she stated they had not said anything to him about that nor would they.

Things escalated further from there.

Finally, a person who identified himself as the Chief Operating Officer of the company came out into the parking lot as I was attempting to leave.

He apologized for what had transpired, and during the conversation said indirectly he could understand my strong feelings, it was unprofessional for the doctor not to see me, and the doctor is the one who instructs the office how heavy to overbook his schedule.

I asked the C.O.O. to relay the following message to Dr. John Gonzalez.

“My time is as valuable as Dr. Gonzalez’s, and I am every bit as intelligent as he is, but my skills lie in a different field, the internet. Please tell him I will use the web to inform everyone possible how poorly he treats his patients."

My hope is that an informed potential patient will choose a different doctor and different group rather than be treated like cattle.

If these things were not completely true, I am sure Orthopedic Medical Group would have their lawyers do everything they could to obliterate this site. But they can’t. Truth is an absolute defense against slander & libel, and I was a party involved, this is not third person or hearsay.

Can you afford to waste 1 ½ - 2 hours waiting to be seen?

Can you wait 6 to 8 weeks for a disability check because your doctor doesn’t send the paperwork timely?

Do you like being treated condescendingly?

If so, call (951) 683-0650 and schedule your appointment with Dr. Gonzalez today.

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