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This entire site is based on my personal opinions that were formed by my involvement with Dr. Gonzalez, the staff and corporate officers at Orthopedic Medical Group’s Riverside office, and those staff at the surgery center.

Whereas I have tried to state facts as facts (i.e. the wait time for my appointments averaged nearly 2 hours), and opinions as opinions (I think Dr. John Gonzalez of OMG is a pompous glutton) their may be a situation where an opinion is stated, written, interpreted, or assumed as a fact. All opinions are mine and derived from the facts experienced first hand by me.

The criterion applied to the whole site is that a fact is something measurable that can be proven (i.e. wait times, length of scar, etc). Those things for which I do not have documented measurable proof are expressed in this site as opinions and should be treated as such.

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My problems with Orthopedic Medical Group
bullet Poor record keeping by Orthopedic Medical Group
bullet Orthopedic Medical Group’s staff attitudes
bullet Extreme wait times for appointments at Orthopedic Medical Group
bullet Lack of concern by Orthopedic Medical Group for their patients
bullet Orthopedic Medical Group knowingly allows their doctors to excessively overbook
bullet Frivolous appointments were required
bullet Why I hold the medical group responsible for the actions of a rogue doctor
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My problems with Dr. John B. Gonzalez – my former orthopedic surgeon.
bullet Dr. Gonzalez’s Nurse Kathy
bullet Dr. John Gonzalez’s Staff
bullet Dr. John Gonzalez’s orthopaedic surgery skills
bullet Dr. Gonzalez himself
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Other doctors I would avoid because of their affiliation with Orthopedic Medical Group
bullet Dr. John Gonzalez
bullet Dr. Robert Jaspan
bullet Dr. Sunny Uppal
bullet Dr. Michael Mai
bullet Dr. Peter Sofia
bullet Dr. Jack Akmakjian
bullet Dr. Donald Kim
bullet Dr. Lawrence Walker
bullet Dr. Neil Hallbridge
bullet Dr. William Navigato
bullet Dr. Stephen Suzuki
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Orthopedic services in the area
bullet Dr. Shoji receives my highest recommendation
bullet Orthopedic services in Riverside
bullet Orthopedic services in Moreno Valley
bullet Orthopedic services in Corona
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Related Information
bullet OMG’s locations
bullet How to get referred to another specialist
bullet About me and this site
bullet Latest in orthopedic news
bullet Related to OMG Riverside?
bullet Is This Why You Have To Wait - OMG's Retirement Information
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